We all love a good Volume Lash brand, but have you ever wondered what you are actually putting on your clients eyes? Let me tell you what we use!


Lets keep it simple: 


What our Diamond lashes are made out of: 

Mink PBT Fibers 


















Advantages of our Lashes

  1. Low water absorption. (Making them more water resistant)

  2. Moldability. Meaning our lashes hold their curl well! No more flat lashes in a days time)

  3. Strength. Why do you think we call them Diamond Lashes? They hold with amazing strength! Get up to 2-3 weeks of solid retention when applied correctly!


  1. Affected by boiling water. (Avoid heat near lashes! They are synthetic so they will melt!

  2. Maximum use temperature is 300 degrees F (149 degrees C)


Well there you have it ....Quality lashes that feel natural, but look bold! 











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